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Tokyo Muslim Traveler’s Guide

You can find Wild Cherry Blossom Hostel in the “Stay” section of the Tokyo Muslim Traveler’s guide (2021-2022).

The Tokyo Muslim Travelers’ Guide is designed to make your visit to Tokyo as comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful as possible. The restaurants, shops, places of worship, and lodgings in this guide do their utmost to accommodate the lifestyles and customs of Muslim guests. We wish you, our Muslim friends, an enjoyable and truly memorable stay in Tokyo!

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Why do we appear on this guide?

ー Among the facilities of our hostel, the second floor lounge has a Prayer room, thought for making the best comfort space for our Muslim guests.

The prayer room is available to use 24h/24h all days. It is furnished with a space where believers can easily wash their feet and hands before the prayers. The Qibla is also adequately positioned in the room, which can host up to two people.

Also, the staff is always ready to introduce you the halal food shops and restaurant in the West Tokyo area!

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