About Reservation

You can create a reservation by clicking on “Book Now” on the main page or you can just click here.

It may change.

Each reservation site may have its own discount campaign. For example, if you make a reservation from Booking.com or Expedia via mobile, a 10% discount will be applied, and the discount rate for members depends on the reservation site you use.

We cannot answer questions such as which site has the lowest price etc. It depends on the membership status of each customer. Please consider.

*This information is from 2022/3/5. The contents might be changed. Please check each reservation site for the current information.

To cancel your reservation, please visit the site where you made the reservation.

The cancellation policy is free of charge for cancellations up to 4 days in advance, and 100% of the room price will be charged thereafter.

The cancellation methods differ on each reservation site, so please check the booking site that you want to cancel.

We support following payment methods; Cash, credit card(VISA, Master, UC card, JCB, American Express) , IC card, Union Pay card, PayPay, auPay.

If you want to extend your stay, you can extend it from the site where you made the reservation or you can ask at the front desk (2F). (In that case, please pay the price at the front)

(For reservation made after June 1st) If you are planning to stay more than one week, the price of the 1 night stay will be 4,400 JPY、if you are planning to stay more than 2 weeks, the price of the 1 night stay will be 3,850 JPY.

It depends on the room type. If the room is private (for 2, 3 or 4 people), it is possible.

Cabin rooms can be used from age 18.

Children under the age 4 can stay for free. Children from the age 4, will be charged as an adult price. Please consider.

People under the age of 18 are required to fill out a consent form. Other than that, there is no particular rule.

There is no discount for that. The room price for each room does not change depending on the number of people. Price is always the same whether you use a four people room for one person or three.

Depending on the reservation situation, we try to meet your request as much as possible.

Please inform us about your room request via email or message field on the reservation site. We will make adjustments as much as possible, but there is a chance that we can not meet your request during the busy season. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, there are discount plans for long-term stay。

1 week stay – 4,400JPY per night (total:30,800 JPY)
2 weeks stay plan – 3,850 JPY per night (total: 53,900 JPY)

Please visit this page for details.

Please inform the front desk while you are checking-in. It can only be issued to guests who are going to pay at the hostel.

We cannot respond to guests who have made a reservation on the reservation site and made a prepayment.

About room reserve, it depends on the reservation status and the desired date. Lounge can be reserved for the group conference or events etc. Please contact us for details.

Yes, it is possible. We also have a price plan for groups. For more details please contact us.

Unfortunately, this option is not available.

About Check-in & Check-out

Check-in time is between 14:00 – 21:00.
Check-out time is until 10:00 of the guest’s check-out day.

Check-in is recommended from 14:00.
It may be possible depending on the availability of the room, but we cannot guarantee it.

If you wish to wait at the hostel until your check-in time, you can use our Lounge Plan or you can leave your luggage at the lounge and return for check-in.

We cannot take any responsibility for the luggage.

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

All check-ins should be done until 21:00. Please contact us if there will be any delay because of the transportation or non guest related reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

You can check-out any time before 10:00. All you have to do is to press the check-out button and insert the card/cards to the machine (Check-in/out machines at the front).

Since there is no need for the staff to be there in order to check-out, please arrange the check-out according to your schedule.

Please return the key card. You can send it by post. If you forgot the return the key card to address written below.

Tokyo-to Koganei-shi Nakamachi 4-15-14 Wild Cherry Blossom hostel 2F

About Rooms

Our facility is not a hotel or a business hotel, it is a hostel. You can check the differences between hostels and hotels from here (Japanese).

Cabin room has eight beds but all beds are separated with walls and accordion curtain doors (unlockable), making them semi-private to ensure your privacy. Cabin door can be locked.

That is why you need to have a key card to enter the cabin room.

For more details and the photos, please check the Facility Information on the main page.

It depends on the room type.All private rooms (twin room, triple room and quadruple room) can be locked.

Cabin room itself can be locked but the cabins inside, separated semi-private rooms, cannot be locked.

If you are staying in the cabin room, you can use the locker outside the cabin room.

If you are staying in one of the private rooms, you can use the safety box inside the private rooms. We cannot take any responsibility, please consider.

Only twin rooms and quadruple rooms have toilets inside the room. Cabin rooms and triple rooms do not have toilets.

Every floor has shower room and it is public, there are no private showers in our rooms.

We provide toothbrushes, body towels, razors, earplugs / cotton sets, and hairbrushes as amenities.

Also there are bath towels right at the entrance of the shower rooms. Feel free to use. Please use only necessary amounts.

We are also selling these items written below;
-Slippers (200 JPY)
-Hand-made mask (300 JPY)
-Tenugui (1,100 JPY)
-Wire key (1,100 JPY)

We do not have any kind of pajamas. Please consider.

Luggage holders and hangers are provided in all rooms.

Besides that; Cabin rooms have a side desk, The double room has a table, chair, safe box and humidifier The triple / quadruple room has a desk, safe box and humidifier.

For details and photos please check the “Facility Information” on the main page.

Some of the cabin rooms are female-only but there is no female-only floor. Please consider.

The shared spaces (shower, toilet, wash area) is available to everybody, not just females. Please understand that depending on the room reservation status, non-female people may also use the shared space.

Since it is managed from the main remote, it is not possible for the customers to make adjustments themselves.

If you would like to adjust the temperature, please feel free to ask the staff.

Also blankets can be borrowed in winter.

There is no time limit for shower use.

However, between 23:00 – 07:00 is the quiet time period. Please try to be quiet between these hours. Thank you for your understanding.

24h available services;
-Laundry room(washing machine, dryer, iron, ironing board)
-Vending machine
-Prayer room
-Lounge, kitchen(refrigerator, microwave oven, outlets etc.
-Luggage space next to 2F elevator (guest responsibility)

About Facility

There is no smoking area in our hostel. It is a completely non-smoking facility.

Please use the other smoking areas nearby. Thank you for your understanding.

There is no restaurant in our hostel. Also we are not providing breakfast or dinner. Please use a nearby restaurant or supermarket/convenience stores.

You can use the kitchen on the 2F and prepare your own meals. The kitchen has cooking utensils such as IH, frying pan, rice cookers, refrigerators, dinner sets etc.

Please have your meal only in the lounge and refrain from eating in the rooms. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, the lounge can be used 24 hours.

other 24h available services;
-Laundry room(washing machine, dryer, iron, ironing board)
-Vending machine
-Prayer room
-Lounge, kitchen(refrigerator, microwave oven, outlets etc.
-Luggage space next to 2F elevator (guest responsibility)

Yes, we have washing and dryer machines on the lounge, 2F. Prices for the washing and dryer machines;

Washing machine – 300 JPY
Dryer Machine 30min – 100 JPY

We do not have a parking lot. Please use the coin parks nearby, but we have bicycle parking.

You can park your bicycles or bikes (50cc or less).

About remote work plans

Three types of remote work plans are available. The details of the plans are as below;

menu price extension fee available time
Daily Plan
(Twin Room)
4,950JPY / 1day (maximum: 8hours) 11:00~19:00
Hourly Plan (Twin Room) 2,200JPY / 3hours 550JPY / 1hour 11:00~19:00
Hourly Plan (Lounge) 1,000JPY / 2hours 300JPY / 1hour 9:00~21:00

Although the number of chargers are limited, we can lend. Please ask at the front desk

We also have desk lights and extension cords.

About Event

We are doing English Cafe every Monday. Also regularly, organizing events/festivals that are associated with the staff member’s countries or with the locals.

Anyone can participate in these events.

Please visit this page, fill out the participation form and send it to us.

We also accept DMs and comments on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

About Around WCB Hostel

7/11, FamilyMart, and Lawson stores are about a 3-minute walk away.

Also there are lots of restaurants around the hostel, since it is close to the station, you can find any type of food you wish.

We have a simple map that shows the area around the hostel. You can ask at the front.

We can call a taxi to our hostel. There is also a taxi station in front of Musashi Koganei Station.

There are places where you can go by bus or by walking, such as Koganei Park, Edo Tokyo Tatemonoen, and Hakonenomori Art Museum. You can ask the front desk for more details.

About Other Services

Unfortunately, we are not providing carrier or posting services.

For these services, please use convenience stores or post offices nearby.

We cannot take care of any kind of luggage or items but you can leave you luggage or items in lounge 2F at your own risk.

If you are planning to leave your luggage, we recommend using a wire key to prevent loss. Wire keys can be bought from the front desk. Thank you for your understanding.

There are a lot of guest types such as business, visiting relatives, tourism, taking exams, moving etc.

You can leave or enter the hostel anytime you want.

However, between 23:00-07:00, 1F door will be locked. You need your key card to open the door. Please consider.

Japanese, English, Italian, Russian and Turkish are supported.

It is possible. You can pick up your order from lounge 2F.

There is no problem about visiting, you can chat/hang out in the lounge.

Since there are other customers, we are kindly asking your friend to leave until 23:00. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, you can. Please inform the hostel staff.

Copy or print is not possible in the hostel.

Please use nearby convenience stores. Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, we do not have any wake up services. Please consider.